Advances in Mathematical Neuroscience: Data, Models, and Dynamics

On the 13th and 14h of October 2022 we have invited to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam national and international researchers, to discuss the latest developments in mathematical neuroscience.

Anyone with a curiosity for developing and using mathematical tools for studying  brain function or dysfunction is welcome to attend. You are also invited to join forces with us to strengthen and shape the Math Neuro community in the Netherlands, and jointly plan research activities in the future.

The meeting will consist of 3 sessions on Data, Models, and Dynamical Systems, respectively, and we aim to maximise time for informal discussions between talks.

The Dynamical Systems sesssion, on Friday afternoon, will be run jointly with the One World Dynamics seminar series, and will be streamed online. All other sessions will be strictly in person.  

Confirmed speakers (the list will be updated in due course):

Registration is free of charge but mandatory. Please register your participation using the form linked below. The form can also be used to let us know that you can not attend the meeting, but want to be involved in future initiatives in this area.

Advances in Mathematical Neuroscience
This form is registration for the meeting Advances in Mathematical Neuroscience, on the 14th and 15th of October 2022, and an expression of interest for future initiatives in this area. Details of the meeting can be found below

Daniele Avitabile (VU Amsterdam, Inria at Univesité Côte d'Azure)
Christian Bick (VU Amsterdam)
Rikkert Hindriks (VU Amsterdam)
Jose Mujica (VU Amsterdam)